I had planning on writing once a week, but a head injury quickly put a crimp in those plans. Around April 30th I was diagnosed with a mild concussion; the event itself had happened two weeks before, during a martial arts class. I was thrown into the ground in a rather brutal fashion, by accident of course.
In the days afterward, I felt as though there were a disconnect between my head and the rest of my body, not to mention the constant headaches. It was actually my naturopath who caught it and ordered me off the gym and any jarring exercise. Then, my family Dr ordered me off T.V. and computer, until further notice. So that means I have been off work for around three weeks with nothing to do but knit.
I have finally finished my sweater! It turned out beautifully; I am really, really happy with the final results. I used the same colours for a sweater I made Paul, but am not completely finished because I ran out of yarn. To top off, I cannot get more of the same yarn, because it is backordered. I check into Johanne’s regularly in hopes that it has come in, but they just forgot to call me. I have been sadly disappointed so far.

Speaking of Johanne’s, my sweater is currently being proudly displayed in their shop. All the yarn I used was from her store, so she wanted to use it to inspire people. It is a really awesome mix of colours, as you can see for yourself.

I used Cascade 220 for the pattern and Cascade eco wool for the body and arms. At 250 grams you get 478 yards per ball. Right now this is my absolute favourite since I can get a sweater from two skeins.

This is the most recent colour I picked up; love it!
I have also joined the Tanis Fibre Arts group Year in Colour. Every other month I receive a skein of Tanis yarn and a pattern to go with it. Paul signed me up sometime in April as a surprise, so I just received January, March and May’s packages.
May’s pattern is for a lovely lacey cowl. The colour is appropriately titled Moonmist, a hazy pastel blue and purple.

Now, that being said it IS a lace weight yarn and Paul usually balls my yarn for me. Having never encountered anything quite as delicate as a lace weight, he started in on it. About a quarter of the way through it, he looks at me and says,
“How long is this ball?”
To which I reply, “I’m not sure, I didn’t check the label.”
Four hours later he finished the 1000-yard skein with a few muttered power words. He seemed to be harbouring the suspicion that, when I first asked him if he wanted to help me by balling some yarn, I was secretly planning for this day in the future. Whenever I would silently request help by lining up the next one or two skeins on the table, I was actually drawing him in. As help became habit, he would have no idea what would eventually transpire. Insert evil laughter. Time will determine if he will still willing ball my yarn. That said…. I think I will give him a couple days rest, as a sign of goodwill.
I recently finished another Tanis pattern, the Sproutlette Dress. I feel I should put up a disclaimer at this point; I AM NOT PREGNANT, nor do I know anyone who has or will be having a baby girl. The dress is adorable and I really wanted to try the pattern.
It turned out okay; I managed to mess up the scalloped eyelet hem. It is not scalloped so much as simply eyelette…
It is not a totally unfortunate effect, however, now I know for next time. In my defense, I will redirect you to the beginning of this post where I affirm that I am recovering from a concussion; I blame it on the brain damage!
Now that we have covered all that! What I am currently working on…
This is the kit I picked up at the knitters frolic! I am really excited about this; beautiful fall colours, my wedding colours actually! It is a very simple stitch once you get the hang of it.
Since this scarf is knit length-wise instead of the more usual width-wise, the cast on is quite impressive. You begin with 450 stitches… that’s right. Four hundred and fifty! Recovering made this a considerably more imposing number then it would normally be. I have trouble with memory and focus, which are key when casting on. Through a complex system of stitch markers, a calculator and much re-counting, I managed it.
I have a couple other projects floating around, but nothing too serious. I work on them sporadically when I can’t stand to look at my current project anymore, but I’ll have to save those for next time.